Monday, October 27, 2008

Dear Apple... About Proposition 8...

October 24, 2008

Apple, Inc. Headquarters

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

To Whom it May Concern:

Today I was very disappointed upon learning of your decision to publicly oppose the Proposition 8 resolution. I would like to communicate to you my deep sadness that you have made such a decision. I am currently a college student, and for many years I have always supported and loved your company and its products. I respect Steve Jobs immensely for the many contributions he has made to the world and to society, while at Apple and also at Pixar. Generally, Apple has advocated ideals which are friendly to moral and religious people, and to those who feel that the family is an immensely important part of a healthy society.

Today, Apple has decided to oppose a resolution designed to protect the family from one of the largest affronts it has ever faced. Please understand that I do not wish to be discriminatory in any way toward those who choose a homosexual lifestyle. However, one must also understand that while there are certain lifestyles which the government should never discriminate against, there are also certain lifestyles it should never condone, especially if it would damage the very fabric with which our society is composed. Each citizen in this country is born to a mother and a father, and ought to be raised in an environment which would give them the greatest chance for happiness and success. This environment, time and time again, has been shown to be a healthy family with both a mother and a father. The government has an obligation to condone and support such units of society, and does so through the institution of marriage. If Proposition 8 were to fail, it would further infringe on children’s right to be taught the proper and correct moral principles of morality and chastity, and would further deprive them of role models whose example is honorable to follow. Many children would grow up with the false impression that homosexuality is as normal and proper as a marriage between a man and a woman, which it is not. People who choose same-sex partnerships are already fully within their legal rights to do so, but for the good of our society, it is imperative that the government only condone traditional marriage.

I hope you understand my deep disapproval of this action by Apple, and also understand that there are many thousands of Apple costumers and employees who have the same view. I hope Apple will make a better choice in the future.


Steven Schmidt